Feb 21, 2023 - Apr 21, 2023 Any City - Any State, NJ 99999 US


1 Mile/Day Average

Through the Pine Barrens 60 miles (1mi/day average)

Get 1  Shirt 👕 and 1 🏅! Run 70 Miles, ~1 miles/day average over 60 days/2 Months!
2 Miles/Day Average

Northern Half 120 miles (2mi/day average)

Get 1 Shirt 👕 and 1 🏅! Run 120 miles total, 2 miles/day average over 60 days/2 Months
3.11 Miles/Day Average

Southern Half 186.6 miles (3.11mi/day average)

Get 1 Shirt 👕 and 1 🏅! Run/Walk  186.6 miles total, 3.1 miles/day average over 60 days/2 months!
RELAY or INDIVDUAL: 4.2 Miles/Day Average

Around Relay (or Relay of 1) 250 miles (4.2mi/day average)

Get 1 Shirt 👕 and 1 🏅! Run 250 miles total, ~4.2 miles/day average over 60 days/2 Months!


Your Registration Includes a Huge Custom 3.5" Inch Medal  and a Shirt - Soft Cotton Material; Womens and Mens sizes!



Anywhere you want in the world!
Any City - Any State, NJ US 99999


Inspired by our New Jersey culture, run this one only if you dare and become NJ's Newest Legend!  We are going to the Pine Barrens.  The area is said to be one of "the most haunted places in America."  Home to the Jersey Devil and where the mobs buried their bodies, the Pine Barrens is a 1.1 million-acre area of southern New Jersey. It's a heavily forested area covered in sandy, acidic, nutrient-poor soil that is well suited for cranberries, orchids, and carnivorous plants. The region has four state forests, and because it is so sparsely populated, it has a reputation as a backwater region in New Jersey. 

You will have 60 days to complete the distance of your choice, Feb 21, 2023 to April 21, 2023.  Looking for more miles? Do the Around as a Relay team of 1 all by your self! 

  • Through the Pine Barrens

    • 60 miles Total, 1 mile/day average over 60 days
    • Travel from North to South straight through the middle of the Pine Barrens.
    • Look out for strange creatures on the way. 
  • North Half of the Pine Barrens

    • 120 miles total, 2 miles/day average over 60 days 
    • Travel around the North half of the Pine Barrens. 
    • Keep an eye out for the Jersey Devil!
  • South Half of the Pine Barrens

    • 186 miles total, 3.11 miles/day average over 60 days (5K/day average)
    • Travel around the Southern Half of the Pine Barrens
    • Watch out for buried bodies on your way! 
  • Around the Pine Barrens Relay or Individual

    • 250 miles total, ~4.2 miles/day average over 60 days
    • Start as a team or a team of 1 at the Garden State Parkway in Toms River and then travel around the circumference of the Pine Barrens. 
    • Just because you don't go into it doesn't mean you are safe!

You will have 60 days to complete the total miles from the event you choose.  You can run or walk anywhere you want, inside or outside as long as you log the miles. You do not have to run or walk each day, you just have to finish the total distance in 60 days. You will be sent a reminder each day to log your distances as well as daily updates with your location and cumulative distanced logged.  You will also see how you place among the other participants daily.  

All Participants will receive a shirt and a medal that will be shipped starting the end of December. All made in the USA!  There is a distance for everyone and even our ever popular Relay. Get a $10 off referral for every person you get to register with your unique code! 

**Disclaimer: Please do not run on unsafe roads, or areas that have been closed off to the public.  Practice social distancing and any other requirements set forth by local, state and federal guidelines.   This is a virtual run only.   Shirts and medals will be mailed starting around the end of April. You will only be able to log the total miles for each event.  You will not be able to log additional miles beyond the event distance. 


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Discounts and Referrals!

Referral Refund

When you register for an event, you will get a link to distribute and gain referrals.  If you get 5 people to register using your link, you will get a $10 discount.  They must use your link to register or the referral will not count. Spread the word!! 
*Referrals can not be combined with other discounts.

Family Discount 

Registering 4 or more at once? A $5 discount per person will automatically be applied!  You do not have to be related to get this discount. 

Charity Partner

A portion of proceeds will go to the following charity. 

The Community FoodBank of New Jersey (CFBNJ), a member of Feeding America®, has been delivering food, help and hope across the state for 45 years. Last year, CFBNJ provided nutritious food for over 50 million meals through its network of more than 1,000 community partners including pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters, mobile pantries, and child and senior feeding programs. For our hungry neighbors, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey is the powerful agent of change that fills the emptiness caused by hunger and provides resources that are essential to earning a sustainable living.  

The FoodBank is a primary disaster relief responder in the state, and we are in the midst of a major relief effort to address the COVID-19 crisis. We are working to ensure access to nutritious food for vulnerable individuals and families and to meet the growing need. We are also working to create emergency meal kits with nonperishable foods, which can sustain a family for several days. For more info: cfbnj.org 


Virtual Race Contact Info

If you have any questions about this virtual Race, click the button below.


History of the Pine Barrens (Pinelands)

From the Pinelands Alliance

The history of the Pinelands is the story of people and the land. The ruins of ghost towns tell the stories of the past, and the thriving towns and villages are a testament to the places and traditions that continue. Legends, lore and landmarks abound in the Pinelands.

Today’s Pinelands are a result of geological transformations occurring over millennia, with humans beginning to shape the landscape 10,000 years ago. Today, several hundred thousand people inhabit the Pinelands, with many commuting to employment centers on the edge of the Philadelphia metropolitan region. And while the manufacturing industries of previous generations have faded away, large-scale cranberry and blueberry farming continue to provide an economic foundation for the region. 

The New Jersey Pinelands is home to miles of pine trees and sandy roads, but it is also home to New Jersey’s most infamous resident… The Jersey Devil. Designated in 1938 as the country’s only state demon, the Jersey Devil is described as a kangaroo-like creature with the face of a horse, the head of a dog, bat-like wings, horns and a tail. For more than 250 years this mysterious creature is said to prowl through the marshes of Southern New Jersey and emerge periodically to rampage through the towns and cities.

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