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Free Website

Custom URLs

Set your own URL such as This makes it simple for runners to remember, and easier for you to advertise.

Flexible Menu & Pages

Add website pages for custom content about your event, and organize your page menu according to priorities.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile friendly design that automatically scales whether your participants are on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Registration Confirmation

Give runners the ability to confirm their registration with a simple search right on the website.

Video and Photo Integration

Embed photos and videos from your event directly into your content sections.

Google Maps Location

Make it easy for participants to find your map with a built-in Google Maps location.

MapMyRun Course Integration

Show your course map on your Race Info Page with an integrated MapMyRun map.

Sponsor Placement on Website

Maximize your value to sponsors with automatic sponsor placement on your site, with flexible locations to display them.

Strong Call to Action Buttons for SignUp and Donate

Sticky "SignUp" and "Donate" buttons that follow the viewer throughout the site to keep your priorities front & center.

Template Options for Your Website

Choose the template that works best for your race, and then customize it with your images and colors.

Contact Race Link

Give participants a simple "Contact the Race" button to direct them to the correct email address for your event.

Custom Wording Options

Change the default "race" wording to match your event type, such as "Training Clinic", "Swim" or "Walk".

Linking to External URL

Link to an external URL for any custom menu items (or even registration) to pull include content that is hosted elsewhere.

Event Display Options

Highlight premium events with event details, then add strong calls to action with strikethrough pricing and images.

Easy Race Wizard

Quick and easy setup wizard to walk you through website creation, payment information, and registration options.

No Ads or Spam

Keep the focus on your brand: we’ll never spam your participants with product sales or ads for other events.

Email Marketing

Automated Email Lists from Participants

Capture up-to-the-second accurate lists of current participants and access accurate historical data.

Custom Upload of Email Lists

Upload custom lists of contacts your business has collected for years.

Save Draft Emails

Allow for multiple edits to your emails with draft saving capability.

Sent Email Access

Access previously sent emails to refer to earlier messages or copy previous content.

Automated Emails for Price Increases

Capitalize on the marketing value of price increases with automated emails to let previous and current participants know they’re upcoming.

Automated Emails to Incomplete Registrations

Reach out to people who began, but did not complete, your registration process with customizable emails - no manual labor required.

Automated Emails for RaceJoy

Maximize the value of RaceJoy to the RaceDay experience with automatic reminders to download the App and share with spectators.

Email Scheduling

Work ahead, preparing your emails in advance of sending and scheduling them to release at a pre-set time and date.

Automated Email with Sponsor Offers

Provide true value to your sponsors AND participants with automatic emails containing discount offers from sponsors.

Customizable Template

Customize your email template with any combination of your logo, custom colors, a header, race details, and sponsor info.

Automated Registration Follow-Up Email

Enable a follow-up email to be sent to each of your participants after a specified interval has passed since their registration.

Social Tools

Custom Referral Coupon Code

Reach your participant’s social network with automated, time-limited coupons specifically created for their friends and family.

Social Feed on Website

Keep your website dynamic by displaying your social feed directly on your RunSignup website.

Social Links

Connect with participants beyond your website with links to your social media outlets.

Referral Rewards Program

Turn your participants into ambassadors for your event with individualized referral links and automated refund rewards.

Social Sharing Tools with Tagging

Maximize your social presence with post-registration social sharing tools that allows for tagging specific friends who may be interested.

Ad Conversion Tracking

Monitor the value of your ads on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, AdRoll, and more with conversion tracking.

Custom Widgets for Other Websites

Create branded widgets of RunSignup content to plug your content into ANY website.

Facebook Custom Ad Report

Seamlessly create reports to build Custom Facebook Audiences for better, more targeted ad campaigns.

Remarketing Codes

Insert your remarketing codes into all participant facing pages to capture more potential participants.

Facebook Pixel

Give us your Facebook Pixel to allow for accurate tracking of the traffic and conversions from your Facebook advertising.

Digital Marketing tools

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics data about the source of your race website traffic, available right on your race dashboard.

Automatic Listing on Affiliate Race Calendars

Inclusion on all affiliate calendars (such as RunningInTheUSA) that pull over all RunSignup races via our API.

Search Engine Optimization

Strategic setup of race websites to ensure a strong ranking in Google searches, making your event easier to find.


Make data-driven decisions with detailed reports tracking every click and interaction on your race website.


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Secure Transaction Processings

PCI Level 1 compliance means we protect participants’ payment info, and pass the money straight to you (it’s never in our bank account).

Direct Deposit or Check

Get your payments faster with direct deposit, or elect for check payment.

Charity Direct Payments

Send donations directly to your charity or charities without playing the middleman.

Daily or Weekly Payments

Set up payments on the schedule that makes sense for you and your accounting needs.

Accept All Major Credit Cards

Don’t limit your participation based on their credit card. We can accept all of them!

Payment Reports

Reports detailing every payment that you receive, available on your dashboard and emailed directly to your inbox.

Third Party Payment Set up Option

Just the race director? Pass on the payment information section of race setup to the appropriate person in your organization.

Excel Payment Report

Download payment reports in Excel format - perfect for your accountant.

Payments for Multiple Races

Streamline your process with payments from multiple races collated into a single payment.

Year over Year Comparison Charts

Keep an eye on the true status of your event with year-over-year comparisons of your transactions.

Full Transaction Detail

See the details behind every specific transaction to see the details of each participant’s payment.


PCI Level 1 Compliance

We undergo a rigorous annual certification process with a third party Qualified Security Assessor to guarantee your payments are safe.

Race Director Owns Participant Data

Your data is your data. We’ll never email your runners without your permission or sell their information to a third party.

Secure Password Storage

Be confident that the passwords you and your participants use are secure with storage protections like bcrypt.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

We’ve invested in the latest technology in cloud architecture to keep the site fast, scalable, and secure.

100% Uptime from 2016 - 2020

Sleep easy knowing that registration is always available - we reported 0% downtime going back to 2016.

Encrypted and Securely Transmit Sensitive Data

With advanced encryption key management and secure credit card storage with a third party PCI Level 1 compliant vendor, your data is safe.

Sensitive Data Collection

Collecting Passport information or other highly sensitive data? We have levels of security with a private key to make it accessible only to the race.

Multiple Race Director Access

Share race access with anyone who needs it, with separate logins for each person.

Access Sharing for All or Limited Race Data

Access can be shared in full, or on a limited basis allowing for access only to specific sections of the dashboard.

Race Director Notifications Options

Determine what actions you wish to receive email notifications about, and which ones you prefer to find out on your dashboard.

Groups & Teams Features

Easy Team Creation

Set up teams simply, with team captain access and flexible options.

Participant Team Creation & Joining

Allow participants to create their own teams under preset parameters, and to join teams during and after registration.

Team Categories

Designate types of teams such as all male or female teams, age-restricted teams, or teams of specific sizes.

Group & Team Pricing

Encourage more participants to join teams with pricing to reward teams, whether signing up separately or at the same time.

Guaranteed Entries for Team

Set up reserved entries to ensure that teams can fill their slots in a race that would otherwise have reached its cap.

Team Bibs

Assign a single bib number to an entire team for relays or other teams that do not require individual bib numbers.

Group Reports

View how many people are registered as a part of a group, and let your team captains access information about the members in their team.

Import Groups

Easily import groups and group settings into the system.

Optional Team Passwords

Require teams to use passwords for registration, allow them to use passwords if they wish, or disallow password use.

Team Participation Age Limits

Set age limits for teams that have specific competitive categories restricted by age.

Team Captain Access

Give team captains access to view the members of their teams to manage and communicate with their team.

Team Size and Gender Restrictions

Set gender requirements for teams that have specific competitive categories restricted by gender.

Corporate Team Options

Robust corporate team options designed specifically for complex setups involving numerous teams and variable payment options.

Corporate Team Payment Options

Allow a variety of corporate teams to participate with pre-paid options, partial payment options, and post-race invoicing.

Corporate Team Invoicing

Invoice corporate teams directly from the system for payments either online or off, and track their payment status.


SignUp Multiple People in a Single Transaction

Lower the cost for family and group participants with transaction fees that are calculated by total cart checkout, not per participant.

Family or Multiperson Pricing

Encourage families and groups to sign up together with specific pricing for multi-person registrations.

Low Transaction Fees

Competitive, low transaction fees to keep costs down for you and your participants.

Membership Discounts

Set specific discounts for memberships to organizing bodies USATF, USAT, USSA, or USAC.

Multi-Event Discounts

Reward super-participation by giving registrants a discount for registering for multiple events in a single transaction.

Affiliate Discounts

Encourage stores and partners to refer people to your event by offering a discount to registrants that come from a specific affiliate link.

Credit Card Discounts

Partnering with a bank? You can give participants a fixed discount for using specific credit cards.

Age-Based Pricing

Give a break to your young (or old) participants with specific pricing for different age groups.

Club Membership Discounts

Automatically recognize members of any specific RunSignup club and reward their support of your event with a club discount.

Data Collection

Custom Questions by Event

Gather all the information you need with unlimited custom questions - asked of all participants or only those in a specific event.

Custom Questions by Logic

Use question logic ask follow-up questions based on the answers to your custom questions.

Fast Registration Options

Capture participants quickly with fast registration on mobile or during specific dates for condensed process asks for only the essential data.

Confirmation Page Options

Customize the confirmation page seen at the conclusion of registration with unique messages, confirmation codes, and social sharing.

Shipping Address Collection

Shipping bibs or other items to participants? Collect a specific shipping address and verify that it is accurate.

Free Participant Importing

Import unlimited current or past participants for free, with easy mapping of registration fields.

15 Minutes to Cancel Registration

Give registrants a 15-minute window to recognize an error and cancel registration with no penalty - and no action from the race director.

Race Setup

Race or Event Participant Caps

Set participant caps at the event or race level, and create a sense of urgency for registrants by displaying the remaining spots.

Multiple Registration Periods

Create as many registration periods as you wish, with specific, flexible pricing at each.

Multiple Events in Race

Set up an unlimited number of events for your race with unique details and pricing for each.

Loyalty Registration

Reward returning participants with priority registration links that allow them to register early - no shareable coupon code needed.

Reserved Entry Registration

Need to add additional registrants to a race that has reached its cap (like a team member)? A reserved entry creates access only for them.

Super and Sub Events

Package multiple event registrations into a single super-event registration.

Copy Fields

Simplify the setup process with an easy function that allows you to copy settings from one event to another (or all others).

Waiver Options

Customizable Default Waiver

You’re covered with a standard legal waiver that must be agreed to during registration. Keep ours, edit it, or replace with your own.

Waiver Signing Options

Determine the fields - initial, full name, date, etc - that need to be completed for waiver signature.

Waiver Signature Tracking

Track who has (and hasn’t) signed the waiver, when and what they signed, and follow up with those who have not yet signed it.

Modes of Operation

Test Mode

Test out your the registration path as a runner will see it.

Draft Mode

Keep your race in draft mode so it cannot be accessed by non-race directors until you’ve perfected every detail.

Expo Mode Registration

Registration designed specifically for registration in live settings, with simplifying options and an easy switch to the next registrant.

Kiosk Mode Registration

Get people signed up quickly on RaceDay with a speedy registration process that collects only the essentials.


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Collect Donations

Accept Donations During Registrations

Ask your participants to donate directly within the registration process.

Accept Donations Outside Registration

Allow anyone - participating or not - to donate to your cause at any time.

Donation Levels

Personalize donation amounts with uniquely named levels that relate to your cause. Open ended amounts allowed, as well!

Donation Page

Direct potential donors to a separate page on your website that is dedicated only to donations.

Donation Widget

Encourage donations by inserting a widget of the donation page into your separate website - or ANY website.

Donation Goals

Set donation goals and display a thermometer to track your progress.

Donor Scrolling List

Thank your donors with a scrolling list on your race website.

Anonymous Donations

Allow people to remain anonymous in their donations.

Donation Reports

Keep up with your donors with reporting on total donations and individual donor data.

Manual Donation Entry

Keep your online and offline donation totals accurate with manual donation entry of any offline donations.

Low Donation Processing Fee

Maximize your donations with a low donation processing fee of 4-4.8%.

Processing Fee Flexibility

Add the processing fee to the donor’s total, cover it as a nonprofit, or give the donor the option to pick up the fee.

Single or Multiple Charities

Set up one, two or many charities to support - your donors will get to select the one they choose to donate to.

Enable Fundraisers

Individual Fundraising

Allow individuals to become fundraisers who seek out donations on your behalf.

Team Fundraising

Enable team fundraisers to let a group of fundraisers band together on their fundraising effort.

Fundraising Pages

Automatically create fundraising pages for individual and team fundraisers, with content set by the event and customized by the fundraiser.

Top Fundraiser Widget

Recognize your top fundraisers with a widget on your website displaying their efforts.

Matching Gift Program

Use the integration with HEPdata to provide your donors an easy way to find out if their companies have a matching gift program.

Fundraiser Email Capability

Empower your fundraisers with the capability to send fundraising emails to custom lists, directly from RunSignup.

Custom Fundraiser Email Template

Keep your brand consistent with customized email templates for your fundraisers to use.

Fundraiser Social Sharing Tools

Make it easy for your fundraisers to spread the word with built in social sharing tools.

Pledge Management Option

Take advantage of donations-by-distance with integrated management of donation pledges.

Make All Participants Fundraisers

Involve everyone in your cause by requiring all registrants to become fundraisers.

Import Fundraisers

Create and set up the parameters for fundraisers and fundraising teams while importing them.

Comprehensive Fundraising Reports

Keep up with your fundraising efforts with reporting totals and drill-downs to individual and team fundraisers.

Fundraiser Waived Fees

Waive part or all of the registration fee for registrants who agree to fundraise a set minimum amount and track their success.

Fundraiser Refunds

Automatically refund part of all of a fundraiser’s registration amount once they reach a pre-set fundraising goal.

Fundraising Milestone Badges

Set specific fundraising milestones to be displayed on fundraiser pages, and use badges to recognize their progress.


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Simple Results Posting

Upload an HTML, plain text, CSV, TSV, or PDF of your results and we’ll convert it to simple HTML and display it on your Race Website.

Upload Results from Soring Software Natively

Integrations with The Race Director, RunScore, and Agee Timing allow for native data upload into our database.

TXT & Email Results Notifications

Eliminate finish line questions with TXT results notifications sent out automatically.

Mobile Results

Automatically formatted results for easy reading on mobile devices, on-site or after your event.

Video Results

Impress participants with video of their finish, synced by finish time to display with their results.

Live Leaderboard

Create a dynamic finish area with a live leaderboard of finishers, in real time.

The Race Director Software

Score your event with one of the leading scoring software products in the marketplace for over 20 years.

RunScore Results

Produce local results reports with RunScore and upload them to the web, activating push notifications.

Results Kiosk App

Give participants on-site access to their results with a simple results kiosk setup.

Custom Finisher Certificates

Reward your participants with finisher certificates customized to your brand and each finisher’s results.

Dropbox Results

Upload results automatically via Dropbox, enabling an automatic sync every minute if changes happen to the result file.

Race Series Scoring

Score your series with a flexible system that tracks runners across races and assigns points based on your setup.


Assign Bib Labels

Assign bib labels automatically or manually in RunSignup, import bib numbers, or access them through the API.

Easy-Print Bib Labels

Print bib labels on Avery 5160 sized labels, with flexible options for fields to include.

Dynamic Bib Assignment

Reduce chip waste by assigning bibs dynamically at packet pickup or on RaceDay.

RaceDay Registration

Timer Access to Participation

Ensure that your timer has an accurate list of participants with timer access to specific data in RunSignup.

RaceDay SignUp Kiosk

Speed RaceDay registration and reduce data entry errors with intuitive SignUp kiosks.

RaceDay Experience

RaceDay CheckIn App

Make packet pickup faster, more accurate, and less chaotic - even with a weak internet connection.

RaceDay Photo Platform

Draw traffic to your website with free, unlimited photos - complete with race or sponsor logo watermarks.

RaceDay Corrals

Reduce chaos with corrals organized by time, number of runners, or a combination of the two.

Corral Estimation Tool

Quickly ascertain the optimal way to divide your runners with estimation tools to predict corral size or time range.


RaceJoy Runner Tracking

Real-time GPS tracking of participants that allows spectators to track up to 50 people on an interactive course map.

RaceJoy Race Operations

Track your operations team in real time, and have eyes all over your course with live RaceDay monitoring.

RaceJoy Send a Cheer

Extend the spectator support at your event with RaceJoy’s cheer-sending capability for pre-recorded or text-to-cheer messages.


Customizable Participant Reports

View participant data, with custom selection of fields and filters to display the information you need.

Participant Info Changes

Track changes made to participant data after registering to ensure no changes were made to vital information.

Waitlist Report

Track the status of participants on your waitlist.

Refund Report

View data on any pending or completed refunds to your participants.

Transfer Report

Track your participants with reports on event transfers, participant to participant bib transfers, and race transfers.

Deferred Registration Report

View any deferrals for a given year and download deferral information for use in future years.

Dropout Report

Pull a single report to see all participant who dropped via event transfers, bib transfers, refunds, and deferrals.

Incomplete Registration Report

View - and follow up with - potential participants who began - but did not complete - registration.

Merchandise Reports

Track your giveaways, add-ons, and store items with summary and drill-down reports.

Group/Team Reports

See how many of your participants are involved in teams, and provide team captains with data on their team.

Donation Reports

View donations and donors in summary, or detailed by donation.

Referral Report

View participants who have made referrals to your event, as well as any refunds given under the Referral Refunds program.

Coupon Report

Track coupon usage by individual or summary to determine the coupon ROI.

Repeat Participant Report

Power your marketing to previous participants with quick reports showing which participants have returned.

USAT Waiver Report

View the participants who have (and have not) signed their USAT waiver and follow up with those who have not.

USAT Membership Summary

Quickly access all new USAT memberships sold for the race, with manual entry available for offline memberships sold.

USSA Validation Report

Check the USSA validation results for participants who entered a USSA membership number.

Email Marketing Reports

Track the results of your email marketing efforts with reporting on deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces, and spam reports.

RaceInsights: When Registration Happens

Use RaceInsights reports to determine the days - and times of day - your participants are most likely to register.

RaceInsights; Where Registrants are From

Craft a geographic strategy with tabular and graphical representations of where your participants reside.

RaceInsights: Demographic Reports

Establish the demographic profile of your participants (and those you’d like to reach) with gender and age reports.

Daily Registration & Transaction Report

See your registration and transaction data right on your dashboard, daily, and in summary.

Year-Over-Year Reports

Compare your current registration and transaction data to the same point in previous years.

Participant Management


Easily process full or partial refunds for any participant, or opt to allow a participant to self-administer a refund.

Event Transfers

Switch participants from one event to another - or allow them to switch themselves. Include a transfer fee for additional revenue.

Participant Transfer

Enable participant transfers, either by gift or with a refund to the initial participant and a charge to the new one.

Race Participant Caps

Set a cap for the total number of participants in your race, across all events.

Event Participant Caps

Set a cap for the participants in each event. Create a sense of urgency by displaying the spots remaining when they are limited.


Capture interested participants even after you reach your cap. An automated waitlist - first come, or lottery - ensures a full race.

Reserved Entries

Set aside reserved spots for elite runners, sponsors, or anyone else who needs in to register when registration is closed.

Claim Accounts

Allow imported registrants to claim their account and link their registration to a new or existing account.

Participant Account Self-Management

Have enough work? Reduce race director labor by allowing runners to make changes to their registration themselves.

Bulk Refunds

Manage an emergency with a speedy bulk refund process.

Race Transfer

Own multiple races? Make it simple to transfer a participant from one of your races to another.

Bulk Race and Event Transfer

Switch participants from one race to another. This is useful to sign up participants for multiple races in a single transaction.

Race Deferrals

Allow runners to defer their entry to a future year and track the runners who opt to defer.

Giveaway & Add-On Management

Quickly change a participant’s selections for giveaways and add-ons - or let them make the changes from their own account.

Question Management

Allow participants to alter and update their responses to questions asked in the registration process, and set deadlines to do so.

Refund Policy Customization

Include your own custom refund policy, require participants to agree to it, and display it on your race website.

Registration Lottery

Set up a registration lottery to collect info for potential participants for a sellout event. Select and charge the participants later, via lottery.

Anonymous User Option

Allow any participant to set themselves as anonymous in participant lookup and results if they don’t want their name published.

Participant Search

Quickly search for any participant in any of your races, and access their participant management options.

Volunteer Management

Flexible Category & Task Setup

Organize volunteer positions by category (like water stop) and tasks (like water stop captain 1) and correlate them to each other.

Volunteer Timeslots & Resources

Set up multiple timeslots for volunteers, and include resources (like cups) as an item a volunteer can sign up for.

Volunteer Task Prioritization

Show your key (or under-filled) volunteer positions first to encourage interested volunteers to step up.

Volunteer Questions

Collect responses to custom questions for volunteers, such as time flexibility or transportation needed.

Volunteer Importing

Import volunteers from any spreadsheet and map them to the correct setup in RunSignup.

Volunteer Report

View a summary overview of the status of volunteers for each task, or pull up detailed information about each volunteer.

Integrated Volunteer Email

Email volunteers directly and efficiently from the RunSignup system, ensuring you’ve captured the latest list.

Volunteer Coordinator Capacity

Assign coordinators to specific tasks categories to allow senior volunteers to take responsibility for the category.

Sponsor Management

Custom Sponsor Levels

Set up pre-determined sponsor levels or create custom levels to meet the needs of a specific partner.

Sponsor Display Options

Select where and when you wish to display sponsor logos and information on your website and emails.

Sponsor Management

Track the commitment level and invoicing status of all sponsors and prospective sponsors.

Sponsor Invoicing

Invoice sponsors from within RunSignup and allow them to either pay online or manually mark their payment as fulfilled.

Sponsor Offer Emails

Set up an automated email to share sponsor offers (discounts, etc.) with your runners prior to RaceDay.


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Membership Management

Flexible Individual or Group Membership Types

Provide options for individual and/or group memberships, with flexible settings for dates and structure.

Member Reports

Quickly view all members of your club and their status - either summarized or in detail.

Member Importing

Transfer legacy member data through an importing process that maps to fields in RunSignup.

Custom Questions

Collect more information about your members with custom questions within the registration process.

Data Sharing Among Club Officials

Provide club access to everyone who needs it, in real time. No more waiting for a single person to pull down information!

Automatic Renewal Emails

Send renewal reminder emails to members with expiring memberships automatically, at intervals that you set.

Integrated Email Marketing

Ensure your member emails reach the most current membership list with email built directly into your registration system.

Donation Collection

Collect donations for your club (or another charity) during and outside the member signup process.

Store Function

Add a store to sell club t-shirts and other merchandise to your members and/or supporters.

Club Visibility

Club Open API

Our open Club API gives other software providers access to club membership directly from their application.

Club Website

Simplify your technical needs and reduce maintenance with free club website.

Custom Club Website Content

Build out a robust club website with custom content, custom pages, and a flexible menu.

Nearby Race List

Encourage your members to get out and run with a race calendar of nearby races - built automatically, with no manual upkeep.

Custom Club URL

Make it easy to find your club online with a simplified, clear custom URL.

Widget for Club Websites

Have your own website? Embed our SignUp and content pages seamlessly with custom colors and branding.


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Giveaways & Add-Ons

Flexible Giveaway Setup

Set up giveaways and add-ons to list any and all sizes or other options, as well as any custom pricing or upcharges.

Default of Shirt Sizes

Take advantage of our saved t-shirt sizes to speed registration for participants who have their preferences recorded from previous events..

Giveaway Inventory

Ensure a complete stock with inventory tracking that ceases to offer a size that has run out.

T-Shirt Vendor Partner

Not sure where to start with T-Shirts? Our partner vendor SunFrog can help get you up and running.

Registration Add-Ons

Give participants more options by offering additional merchandise - or experiential benefits like VIP parking - for an extra cost.

Add-On & Giveaway Management

Quickly make changes to a participant’s giveaway or add-on selection via your CRM hub, or allow self-management for them to update options themselves.

Standalone Store

Store Function

Set up a standalone store to offer merchandise for participants and supporters alike and track the orders for easy fulfillment.

Store Widget

Embed your store directly on your website with a custom store widget, stylized to match your brand.

Sales Tax Calculator

Use a tax table to assign sales tax based on jurisdiction, and automatically add the tax to checkout

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